Our Centre

  • The two Terry Tan Child Centre sites – Bloordale and Eatonville – are located within walking distance of each other in central Etobicoke.

  • Each site includes a fenced-off play area containing sand, small bikes, balls and other outdoor toys as well as two play structures – one for younger and one for older children – for supervised outdoor fun. The play areas are maintained regularly by centre staff and the play structures are inspected annually by an independent third pirty inspector. This inspection is reviewed by the Ontario Ministry of Education -Child Care Quality Assurance and Licensing as part of our annual licensing process.

    Although outdoor activities play an important role in daily programming provided by Terry Tan educators, the classrooms are the key in children’s development. Great effort and a wide variety of resources go into maintaining rich learning environments that are both challenging and fun.

  • Children attending Terry Tan Child Centre have access to age-appropriate activities and resources that cater to their developing individual and social needs. From classic toys like wooden building blocks that engage active imaginations to more elaborate teaching tools like the centre’s computers, children not only develop their skills but confidence and self-esteem as well.

    Each classroom maintains its own library as well as books on tape and music for listening centres. An abundance of toys line the shelves of classrooms that stimulate children’s minds and keep those little fingers busy actively learning.

    At rest/sleep time, every classroom is equipped with comfortable cots/sleeping mats.

    For more detailed information about the resources at Terry Tan and how they’re integrated into the daily programming in the classroom, please navigate through the menu above by clicking Enrolment and then Curriculum.