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    The Terry Tan organization has been providing quality child care to families since 1971 when Terry and Kinzie Tanaka founded a for-profit centre in Bloordale United Church in Toronto’s west end.

    In 1977, responding to the need for a program that could meet the needs of children with special needs, Terry and Kinzie opened a second site to provide this integration service.

    The integrated program moved to its current site, Eatonville Junior School in 1981.

    Terry and Kinize Tanaka received word from the Ministry of Community and Social Services MCSS, that the centre would receive government funding in 1982. The funding provided for a Resource Teacher and specialized equipment that allowed the centre to operate as an integrated child care centre.

    Terry Tan received further recognition from MCSS in 1986, with additional funding to provide consultation services to the Etobicoke Child Care Community.

    In 1989, at the request of MCSS Terry Tan collaborated with two mental health agencies (George Hull Centre and Stothers Centre for Children and Families) to form the Etobicoke Preschool Consultation Group (EPCG). EPCG provided consultation to all licensed child care centres in the Etobicoke community.

    Up until 1994, the programs at both locations were operated by Terry and Kinzie. That year, the original for-profit centre was converted to non-profit status. The two Terry Tan locations are now governed by a parent/community board of directors.

    In 1996, the Bloordale location became an integrated child care site servicing children with special needs through the support of a resource teacher.

    In 2005, the resource teacher model evolved into a Consultation Service to provide support to child care centres in Toronto. The City of Toronto’s initiative “Every Child Belongs” enables all child care programs can be inclusive for children with special needs. Terry Tan employs three Early Childhood Consultants who provide support to centres in Toronto for children with extra support needs.