Covid 19 Policy

Our organization is committed to the health and safety of our employees and the prevention of occupational injuries and disease.  It is our responsibility to be the benchmark in effectively managing and communicating our programs regarding health and safety and maintaining compliance with the occupational health and safety act and related regulations.


The programming at Terry Tan is developed on a weekly basis by trained Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE) and approved by supervisory staff to ensure that the developmental needs of every child are met. Written programming plans are posted outside each classroom outlining a variety of daily, age-appropriate activities that meet children’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs. Programming is done to respond to the children’s needs and interests using emergent curriculum and the Province’s Document entitled “ How Does Learning Happen“ to guide the planning.

Nutrition & Diet

Nutrition plays an important role in a child’s development both physically and mentally. We work alongside Halpert Catering to provide lunch meals and a morning/afternoon snack to ensure that the nutritional needs of growing children are met at both locations. The centre also has strict policies on certain foods to protect children with allergies. If your child requires a special diet for cultural or medical reasons, we will do our best to accommodate and work with our families. To view a sample meal plan and information on the centre’s food policies click here.

Fees & Subsidies

The fees at Terry Tan are set annually by its parent/community Board of Directors. Both locations have a Purchase of Service Agreement (fee subsidy) with Toronto Children’s Services. For our complete fee schedule and additional information on subsidized day care at Terry Tan, click here.

Application Process

Prior to enrolment, have a first-hand look at Terry Tan Child Centre by taking a short tour of both locations. If you’ve decided to enrol you child or children into the Terry Tan program or would like to place your child on a waiting list, click here to get more information on what to expect when applying.